The Elementary School at CuttingEdge   Learning Academy offers a nurturing, loving environment where children are   encouraged to explore, create and elaborate.  Our teachers are dedicated   to our mission of forming great students, Christian leaders, ambassadors of   Christ.  This mission is achieved through our educational philosophy of Fundamental   Holistic Formation where personalized attention to each child helps them   reach their greatest intellectual potential in the areas of intellect,   character development, spiritual life and service to others.

Starting in Pre-Kindergarten and continuing   through fifth grade, learning is fostered in a caring environment where   students become engaged learners who take risks, ask questions, think critically   and are able to communicate their knowledge to others.

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum   includes, religion, language arts (reading, spelling and phonics) math,   science, social studies, and an introduction to Spanish, as well as   regular instruction in choral music, art, computer, health and physical   education. Our Personal Laptop Program also help to enhance and foster in   our children a love of learning.

Our Elementary School students participate   in our highly successful online Supplementary Curriculum which covers   reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and tons of electives.    The Supplementary Curriculum gives reluctant and already successful   students alike the skills needed to not only enhance their grades but to   improve their academic success across the curriculum and well into middle   school. With the Supplemental Curriculum, every student is an independent   learner, reader, writer, and researcher.

Spiritual and character formations are   essential part of CuttingEdge Learning Academy Education. Teachers use Biblical   principles and accountability based discipline techniques to help students   learn to make responsible and internally motivated decisions thus building   strong spirituality and character.  Our students are taught to   internalize and practice all the fundamental virtues (the building blocks of   their spirituality and character) so that they are able to freely choose what   is right and just. Through a caring, nurturing and accepting environment, the   most vital mission of the Elementary School is to instill the values of   respect for the dignity of each person as a child of God.


The CuttingEdge Learning Academy Elementary School Enrichment Program addresses the needs of every child who require additional challenge beyond the regular grade level instruction. The program is integrated within the normal classroom settings and instructional periods. The program includes critical reading and creative thinking and writing.

Rev. Mother Carina Maris of Jesus, SJHP, Ph.D.