CuttingEdge Learning Academy Enrollment Forms


Thank you for your interest in CuttingEdge Learning Academy. We motivate students to pursue their academic, spiritual and social goals while focusing on loving God and thy neighbor in our daily interactions.  We provide a nurturing and faith-based learning environment that seeks to develop the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social aptitudes of our students; thereby empowering them to  become successful citizens for life.   Our children are very important to us and we believe that they will best excel in our classroom if we keep our student/teacher ratio low.  Therefore, we are closing our enrollment for each classroom once there are 15-18 students enrolled in that grade level.  

 We recommend that you complete all of the necessary requirements of your child’s application as early as possible.  We do not have a deadline for the application because applications can be submitted at any time. Classroom enrollment will be offered on a first come first serve basis.   Once the desired grade level reaches 15 students, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Each of our forms were created for the sole purpose of use at CuttingEdge Learning Adacemy.

Please see forms below: