The educational   experience for CuttingEdge Learning Academy Middle and High Schools students   consists of an ideal level of age-appropriate structure and supervision,   coupled with a gradual increase of independence as they progress toward High   School and Collegiate. We recognize and embrace the scientifically   documented learning differences between boys and girls. Particularly, in   middle and high school, boys and girls mature at different paces, have   different learning styles, needs, and interests. For this reason, the Middle and   High Schools academic instructions are individualized, but within an   all-inclusive classroom.

Our Middle and High Schools offer rigorous   academic program with an emphasis on comprehension, writing, and critical   thinking.  Technology is integrated into our instructional methodology   at an age-appropriate level in order to enhance the learning experience of   our students and to assist them in their development of the skills necessary   for success in today’s increasingly digital environment. Through   supplementary and classroom activities, there are ample leadership opportunities   for our students.

Our comprehensive core curriculum prepares   our students for admission and success at the high school and collegiate   levels.  The academic experience in our High School is rigorous, with   electives allowing students to pursue personal interests as well as receive   special preparation for later studies. With our comprehensive curriculum, we   prepare our students to attend and thrive to pursue careers in diverse fields   of study in most competitive academic universities in the country.

Our cuttingedge differentiated curriculum   and instruction separates us from the majority of elementary, middle, and high   schools in the region.  While the   curriculum is uniform, methodology of instruction is adapted by the   individual classroom teacher to the different learning styles and   intellectual strengths found in our students.  Most core courses are   divided into three levels of instruction: Standard, Advanced Placement, College   Preparatory.

The High School experience includes the   full scope of extracurricular offerings, as well as tremendous opportunity in   the Fine Arts.  Students participate in their local athletics and sports   teams. Our Performing Art and Praise Dance programs all provide students with   an opportunity to explore and develop their talents. 

Moreover, we value and promote the   development of each student’s character, spirituality, and commitment to   service.  Our purpose is to form Christian leaders who will transform   society.  Students are provided with leadership opportunities to develop   the skills required for their future leadership roles, including Student   Council, CELA Scholars Association, to name a few.  Here at CuttingEdge   Learning Academy, we prepare our students to graduate as an accomplished   young adults committed to fostering a society where Christian values are   taught, embraced, and put into practice.


The CELA Scholars Association, (CuttingEdge Learning Academy Middle/High School Enrichment Program), addresses the needs of every child who require additional challenge beyond the regular classroom setting. CELA Scholars Association meets two days a week for one hour. The program focuses on literature appreciation and critical reading, written expression and public speaking, and critical and creative thinking.

At CuttingEdge Learning Academy, we recognize each child as a unique gift from God – not a name or number on a list.  Give us a call or stop by for a visit, and we can begin the collaborative journey of maximizing your child’s potential together.

Always in God’s service and all for the love of children!


Rev. Mother Carina Maris of Jesus, SJHP, Ph.D.