CuttingEdge Learning Academy offers holistic education to all of our students. We accept, love, serve, care, and educate all God's children regardless of their skill levels and challenges. We believe that each student has a unique learning sytle and we give our teachers the training tools needed to help each child reach their fullest potential. With parent partnership, together we help make our students productive members of society. We provide a nurturing learning environment that supports our students in their pursuit of academic and social experiences. We utilize modern tools and teaching strategies that motivates and maximizes our students' academic and social successes. We provide to our students small class sizes, differentiated instruction, challenging curriculum, and student-centered and faith-filled learning environment. Each student has direct (one-on-one) encounter with all teaching and non-teaching staff daily. Every child has his or her own laptop and with our online core curriculum, education becomes a fun thing for our students. CELA is a school family with a difference.

"By wisdom is a house built, by understanding is it made firm; and by knowledge are its rooms filled with every precious and pleasing possession." Proverbs 24:3-4